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Benefits of Using Gas Heater against Built-in Electric Heating Element

Gas Water HeaterBuilt-in Heating Element
Hot Water Storage Tank Size2,000 Liters25,500 Liters
Water Heating TimeInstantTime to heat up
Running CostsLow High
Time for washing CycleShorter (due to instant water heating)Longer (due to longer water heating time)
Heater connection layoutOne(1) unit of gas water heater connects up to five(5) showersEach shower requires one(1) unit of electric heating element.
Electrical InfrastructureSingle PhaseThree-Phase
Water Heating Source LPG/NGElectricity
Water Heating SpeedFast (Taking short time to heat up )Slow (Taking longer time to heat up)
Energy Cost Lower (by fuel gas)Higher (by electricity)
Maintenance CostRelatively Low Relatively High
Investment CostLowHigh

System Comparison

Gas Water HeaterBuilt-in Heating Element
Hot Water StorageNoYes
Waiting for HWNoYes
HW TemperatureConstantFluctuation
50L Hot Water DemandedHeat up 50L. No energy wastage.Heat up whole tank. Energy wastage.
During Peak DemandUnlimited HW Running out of HW
During No DemandOn standby mode. No energy consumption.On keep warm mode. Energy consuming.
Energy Cost Lower (Gas)Higher (Electricity)


Appliances Electrical Water HeaterGas Water Heater
Electric Power in watts1,500watts45watts
Total Heater power in Watts135,000watts360watts
Total Pump power in Watts3000wattsN/A
Generator size for hot water production150KVA3.75KVA
Diesel consumption in liters per hour full load41.42 ltr1.3 ltr
Running Generator for 12 hours per day.497.0415.6
Diesel at ₦210/liter ₦104,378.40 ₦3,276
Diesel cost per annum ₦38,098,116 ₦1,195,740

Cost Savings per annum using LPG   ₦36,902,376.00