• Plot 1225, Bishop Oluwole Street 119, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria

Internal Model

The compact design of the Ges1 series makes it easy to install anywhere.
Uses only 80watts of electricity.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • 12E1 supplies 2 outlets
  • 16E1 supplies 3 outlets
  • 28E1 supplies 4 outlets

External Model

The Ges5 series is designed for outdoor installation, reducing the need for construction work and vents.
Uses only 45watts of electricity.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • 12ES supplies 2 outlets
  • 16ES supplies 3 outlets
  • 30ES supplies 4 outlets

Commercial & Industrial

Need more than 6 hot water outlets?

External models can be linked for hotels, hospitals and multi outlet commercial premises.

The typical installation in the picture shows:

Hotel with 6 floors, 60 rooms, each room with hand basin and bath.

Configuration for this setup is:

6 units of 24 GES5 External models

2 units of 500L water tanks

One master control box

Total power consumption is (45watts x 6units)  = 270watts.

B) For laundry and dry cleaning purposes

c) For indirect hot water heating application (eg) Jacketed Tanks