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Over the years, like many Nigerians, we have expended immeasurable resources battling with the epileptic power supply from the national grid.

We have also spent irreplaceable time struggling with the exorbitant costs associated with powering our generators and the hikes associated with electricity tariffs.

We also find the numerous health hazards, which accompany the use of unwholesome fuels and wood, the immediate effect on the forests and ultimately, the environment, worrisome.

So what did we do?

We established Gastech Energy Solutions, a one-stop shop for residential, commercial and industrial gas needs.

Our mission at Gastech is to reduce the dependence on the national grid and eradicate the use of unwholesome fuels in domestic, residential and industrial environments. To achieve this, we design reticulated gas systems to distribute gas from bulk storage tanks directly to the points of use within a domestic, commercial or industrial premises.

We also sell, install, service and maintain appliances such as cookers, instantaneous tankless water heaters, chillers, and generators all powered by gas. Our engineers are highly skilled, professional and experienced and we ensure our appliances, fittings, and accessories are certified to international safety and quality standards.

Our Objectives

Our aim is to deliver the best value through reliable, energy-efficient products and high-quality service and technical support while promoting environmental, social and economic sustainability in West Africa.
Ensure all Nigerians have access to a safe, affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly source of energy.
Ensure all gas supply systems are installed with adherence to the strictest safety and quality standards.
Assist in the development of regulations and standards to govern the installation of gas systems and appliances in Nigeria.
Increase the awareness of the health and environmental benefits, which can be attained by replacing unwholesome fuels.
Support capacity building through the delivery of high quality and professional training courses to the next generation of gas engineers, thereby creating a new sector in the job market and generating employment.
Engage in research and development projects, which promote gas as a greener, alternative for the generation of energy.
Promote and support State and Federal government initiatives, which encourage the use of gas.
Foster industrial and economic growth by encouraging manufacturers to assemble components, accessories, and appliances locally.

To provide the highest quality of gas products and services that combine performance with value pricing while establishing a long-standing successful relationship with our customers and suppliers.
To constantly strive to meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations of quality, price, service, and energy solutions.

To stay ahead of the competition by introducing new products and services based on the current needs of our customers and changing market demands.
To provide a work environment where our employees can meet their fullest potential to serve our customers and thrive in an atmosphere of excellence while doing the same.


To be the preferred supplier and service provider for every domestic, commercial and industrial customer using LPG, NG or any Industrial Gas at any given location throughout West Africa.

Striving to set the Industry Standards in offering the best service and maintaining a superior level of integrity in interactions with our customers while conducting our business as model corporate citizens.


We believe in complete transparency and fairness in all our interactions and transactions with our customers, employees, stakeholder, partners, and associates. We always stay true to the law of the land.