• Plot 7 Kolawole Sonibare Street, Ajao Estate , Isolo Lagos

Gas Reticulation Systems

We help add to the quality of life for prospective tenants and homeowners by working with developers, Architects and Housing development authorities to design and implement reticulated systems for estates.

A reticulated system is a means of supplying LPG or “cooking gas” in vapour. It is achieved by passing it through a dedicated pipe network, beginning from a centralised gas storage point (bulk tank) in the residential complex to each kitchen. The supply gets metered just the way it is done for water and electricity. Thus saving time, kitchen space and money. Additionally the rigor of getting a refill is totally eliminated and the consumer just ‘pays for what they use’

Commercial equipment such as, Industrial Water Heaters, Boilers, Generators, Agriculture Dyers, Paint Shop Ovens, Baking Ovens, Furnaces, Refrigerators, laundry etc. can also benefit from such a system.

It is Safe and Secure as the pipes are buried. At every stage, state-of- the-art safety equipment, such as regulators with OPSO and UPSO are fitted into the installation. This eliminates the risk of fire caused by leakage from un-certified conventional cylinders dotted around the estate.