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System Management

At Gastech we help to put in place a billing and management system according to the requirements of the client. These can be in the form of:

Postpaid meters – This enables the consumer to pay based on the reading of their meter after usage.

Prepaid Meters – This enables a consumer to purchase gas using a smart card which is inserted or swiped at the meter to transfer the credit. As the quantity of gas depletes, the meter will send an alert to the customer to recharge the card.

AMR Meters – These are smart meters, which can be supplied to the customer, the meter reading is carried out by a HHD (Hand Held Device), thus all the meters in a building can be read by standing close to the Building. This eliminates the inconvenience of someone needing to be in the house when a meter reading is required. These meters come with an RS485 port and can be integrated with SCADA or BMS systems

AMR is the technology of automatically collecting consumption and status data from water/heat/gas/electricity meter and transferring that data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing.


  1. Monitor all the meters in a control center remotely, no need to read meter house by house.
  2. Automatic reading of all the meters or any one of them, including original data, present used amount or historical data.
  3. Automatic control of meter valves.
  4. Automatic monitoring of any unexpected illegal use, like disconnection, short circuit, being attacked or dismantling of meter.
  5. Smart software guarantees data storage, meter-reading, reports print and alarming for power deficiency.